Praise from Megan

Randi has truly changed my life, and I am so grateful. Her commitment to my fitness and weight loss is much stronger than my own at times. She challenges me every day, but also makes accommodations as needed. Randi excels at educating her clients about nutrition and fitness in a way that is supportive and caring, but she will call you out when you aren’t doing your best on all fronts. I text her everything I eat, and she responds quickly with praise, critique or suggestions for how to make better choices next time – this has made all the difference. I’ve been working with Randi 3x/week for more than 18 months and there is no end in sight – thankfully!

    Megan, Washington, D.C. (After losing 70 pounds with Java Fitness and making monumental gains in fitness and health)

Marathon Times


I was just looking over my marathon results for the past ten years (I could not find the other 5).  This year's time was my best in those 10 years.  I came close about 8 years ago--I was off by one minute.  Last year's time was one of my best as well.  Thanks for all that you do to help me stay in shape!  I truly appreciate it.


Christopher, Washington, D.C.

A Lovely Thank You


Thank you so much!  I am happy to have made this much improvement despite the difficult situations life has presented over the past several months.  I continue to abide by the mantra that I will not age in a similar manner as my parents. 

Thank you for the inspiration and motivation you provide.  Thank you for your laughter and warm smile.  Thank you for being a guide to me as I add variety, new challenges and fun to my healthier lifestyle.

Jack, Washington, D.C. (After strength gains of 100% and an impressive reduction in body fat over a six-month period)


Improved Health

I weighed in at 184 this morning, and have been holding between 181-185 for about 6 weeks now (even following vacations).  I continue to exercise 4-5 times per week, and I had a complete physical in June with great results.  BP was 110/72, EKG was normal, and my cholesterol has plummeted.

I feel so much better now that I'm eating better, exercising and have dropped the 30+ pounds.  Thanks so much for for setting my wife and me in the right direction.

Malloy, Washington, D.C.

Personal Accomplishment

I must tell you that I still have the most sense of personal accomplishment that I have had in a long time. For years, I had a whole host of excuses and I really believed that I had all these limitations: time, weight, age, etc. You have taught me that I don't have any limitations, and I really thank you for that.


Vickie, Washington, D.C. (After losing over 50 pounds and running her first 5K at age 59)

Java Comes Prepared

Java comes thoroughly prepared for each individual session and mixes up the format so each training feels like a new adventure.  This is particularly helpful for a client like me who tires easily from the same old exercise.  She takes the time to get to know and understand her clients and tailors her workouts to the individual.  I am so happy to have Java Fitness in my corner, motivating me to better health, fitness, and smaller pants!"


Susan, Washington, D.C. 

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